Let’s simplify it; abortion is the termination of a human pregnancy resulting to the death of the embryo or foetus.
Human must understand their inner instinct and not get driven by the prevailing thoughts in the society. It is important to realize the essence of love and care and carry forward the gene and give it a warm welcome into the beautiful world. And when we begin to discuss about abortion laws and its societal perspective, some of the landmark judgments strike into my mind i.e. Roe v. Wade [1] and Doe v. Bolton[2] that legalized abortion in the United States in 1973. However, things have drastically changed after then, as these laws differ from country to country having its unique stratification. Abortion has certainly been a debatable issue in many societies when we turn the pages of history, be it on religious, moral, ethical, practical, and political grounds. Either it has been banned or otherwise prohibited by law. Therefore, various legal experts consider that, there is a dire need to settle the legal status of the foetus.[3]

On a rational point of view we must not forget that due to unavailability of modern contraceptives and other medical requirements in various places the ratio of such cases increases. However, WHO reveals that, the number of abortions worldwide is dwindling due to improved access to contraception.

Abortions may take place cogently keeping in mind certain circumstances such as women’s life, physical health, mental health, rape victims, incest, and fatal impairment. Even in case of economic, social or on request it may serve as a legal ground. But, on different note when we draw a sketch of those irresponsible people who are literally killing their child in the name of abortion on the cost of their delayed choice of acceptance or denial. According to my perspective, there should be no space for their protection in any form and therefore duly penalized.

Let’s get deeper, “Humans,” since birth acquires some natural rights like right to live, right to have a name, right to move, and right to acquire nationality and other human rights. Including those rights also which have been evolved from societal progression which has been implemented as positive beneficial rules for our guidance. Progressive society is one which develops according to the free will of a person, we have chosen what we have found fit for us; we have transformed ourselves to accept same sex marriages treating them morally equal defying religious norms. Likewise, many vital human rights were realised and then given into practical sense, in this society we are bound to walk in a positive direction, means we should do things which can leave good precedents. In India people had realised the breach of privacy through online due to rapid increase of social platforms and gadgets as a result of which the Apex Court turned it as a fundamental right.

In present times the society is debating on abortion laws, which is banned in almost every country of world, only allowed in exceptional cases. There is a revolution of making it legal, with some saying “my body my choice”, it is their right to abort. Humanity is going in a different direction, a direction which is false, how can anybody kill any one by saying it was a mistake or they are not ready, is this a reasonable thing? You want to kill a human because you wanted extra pleasure during orgasm, and you were too much careless that you didn’t even take contraceptives. Your eyes only get open when you start skipping menstrual cycle, which shall be enough to kill a human, because of our carelessness.  We can't kill any foetus, not in any circumstances.

In US and in parts of Europe peoples are raising this as a right. Seriously, how can you legalise a thing which is frivolous in nature, which is based on carelessness, to cover our own sins we can't allow to kill the innocent. Why people are heading towards negative trend or is it so that if a crowd is being gathered and peoples are taking to street for any issue it must be accepted because such topic has consensus or has in conformity whether the issue is genuine or not. We must not initiate any trend which leaves negative impact. In almost every time in any circumstances our laws have never allowed to kill a human being, only a state can punish a human with capital punishment. We have seen the trend of abolishing capital punishment in many countries what were the reason? The reason is the understanding to avoid killing instead rehabilitating them. Laws are supposed to end to crime not criminal, this is termed as positive approach by human rights group. If the convicted person can be forgiven from death penalty then what wrong have been done by the foetus inside the womb, none it’s our mistake, at the stake of which we are killing it. We must not make or promote any law which allows the killings of foetuses. The government should open centres to facilitate orphanage if someone is born out of the wish they must be protected.

If we focus on some data -: Premature death disrupted many families. At the turn of the century, life expectancy at birth for white males was 46.6 years; for black males, 32.5 years; for white females, 48.7 years; and for black females, 33.5 years. In 1995, the figures for the comparable groups were 73.4, 65.2, 79.6, and 73.9. In 1915, the maternal mortality rate was 61 per 1,000 live births (compared to 8 in 1990); the infant mortality rate stood at 100 per 1,000 live births (compared to 7.6 in 1990), and was twice as high for blacks.

Divorce also caused disruptions. The number of divorces was 15 times higher in 1920 than in 1870; by the mid-1920s, one in seven marriages ended in divorce. Moral problems evident in the corruption of urban political machines, high juvenile delinquency and crime rates (the homicide rate had quadrupled in New York in the last two decades of the 19th century), and widespread prostitution was coupled with health problems: diseases and epidemics resulting in part from water and sewage disposal deficiencies. These with some other vital rights related to women would also be observed and enforce throughout the early 20th century in USA society, as it was very progressive in nature.

When it comes in Indian perspective of social progress we see blend of diversity each representing different religions, cast, race, all moral institutions. We have found fit for ourselves rejecting tons of radical traditional ideas like sathi-pratha and child marriage. We have systemically adopted reasonable and fit rules. Yes, Indian societies are much carved by Britishers we can say that we have grown under a blanket of Britain. The Englishmen came dominating and left uniting and giving us systematic democratic governance setup only we had to elect the man for the lawmaker's position so to frame rules beneficial for our society. This society still lacks grave openings which would forever haunt humanity. The Taboo practice is the secret scar behind it, what Indian youth suffered is indeed a taboo to speak, a bit myself too feeling to speak about it, but Indian societies in real times also seems to be tackling one of the problems so decently. We have witnessed that the Apex Court by the end of 2006 allowed live-in relationship as a legal status to reside in a society.

Its true that Indian societies with respect to sexual lives is very old fashioned, primitive, conservative traditional approach is behind, which cause great problems state of taboo's among the youngsters, lack of sexual ignorance ultimately leaves a bad or negative aspects to think of it. It can lead to many problems at adulthood which in India anybody could see how it impacts on adult hood when you’re not aware about to tackle it. You simply change the channel when a condom ads displays or any thing which is erotic no matter what sense it conveys it would be changed. So, these simply causes a state of unawareness when you’re part of it you must be up to date have basics knowledge about it, for example if one is marrying they must be able to know the consequences so would arise if they’re getting married, they shall have a sexual life and even get divorced if things does not match up.

The Indian Government has been relentlessly doing much in concern with abortion laws and still if anyone is exceeding the prescribed limit, no roof shall be rendered to that individual. Specially after the recent Amendment in the late January 2020, when the Union Cabinet amended the 1971 Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act allowing women to seek abortions as part of reproductive rights and gender justice. Moreover, the upper limit of MTP has been raised from 20 to 24 weeks for women including rape survivors, victims of incest, differently abled women and minors. So, the government gives enough time to decide the future of the child and still if anyone is ignorant of his responsibility, then we have to have a strict law to punish the criminal for committing abortion.

#Concluding Remark
However, Anti-abortion movements or pro-life movements are involved in the debates very much which aim to advocate against the practice of abortion and its legality. No one is entitled to take anyone’s life at the stake of his/her choice to give recognition to the upcoming child. So, we have discussed plethora of incidences relating to the enhancement of the rationality in context of women’s right. And therefore, human mustn’t get mad and in the veil of advancement, exceed the concept of humanity. So, education is paramount consideration by which awareness can be spread and the ratio of such cases may reduce. And if they don’t wish to carry the child, they may surrender it to an orphanage. Who knows the future of the child; he may make our Nation proud. So let’s not snatch the opportunity of the child in the name of Abortion.

[1] 410 U.S. 113 (1973)
[2] 410 U.S. 179 (1973)
[3] Fetal Rights - West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. The Gale Group, Inc. 2008.


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